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Reinforce for only
Create a fair competition environment, with performance and capacity of the talent selection and appointment, multi-level and multi-channel, omni-directional to attract talent, respect for talent, develop talent, learning platform, practice platform for the employees, do people use, the rapid growth of talents.

Respect can assign
Dawn of the electrical core of talent is respect for each employee, think only of each employee is available, each of us has our own strengths, dawn electric here is to make their own staff give full play to their strengths, to do the most suitable for their own work, and fully giving employees power, play to the staff's biggest potential, participate in the management, realize personal and dawn electric's grow up together.

Multidimensional development
Dawn electric to guide and encourage employees to career planning, according to the needs of the development of the enterprise with its own characteristics, choose a different way to success, for enterprises to create performance and realize their own value of life.

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